Mallory and Tamu come from different worlds.

Mallory is a Minnesotan geek chic gamer, feminist, romantic cynic, dry humored millennial. Tamu is a romantic cynic (perhaps closet romantic), sarcastic, Afro-Caribbean-Hispanic Gen-Xer from Brooklyn.

Through the fate of cubicle seating, their world’s collided in the corporate office of a big-box retailer and sisterhood was born.

Due to their genius being suppressed by the daily 9-to-5 grind, they decided to write a blog for fun. What would two romantic cynics even blog about? Romance novels! Trashy Book Nook was born!

They couldn’t stop talking and laughing about the absurd books they were reviewing before the posts were written. They really should be sharing these golden nuggets of conversation with the reading/listening community-at-large. The Trashy Book Nook Podcast was born!

Veering off the mainstream romance novel path, the TBN Ladies aim to delve into the fascinating world of multi-diverse romances. They invite you to join in on this amazing, bizarre (even, dare it be said, sexy?) carnival ride of reading! Come escape to fantastic universes with lithe were-unicorns, heart-beatingly strong cyborgs, historically steamy Highlanders, or a pastor that needs a boo.

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