Episode 19: Come Techniques IRL

This week the ladies run at the speed of sound in Nancy Straight’s Centaur romance Blood Debt.  They learn that Mallory’s dog, Indigo, has oppositional defiant disorder; dating is a foreign concept for Centaurs; Oceanside, San Diego is ‘the hood’ and ‘shit goes down’ there; Centaurs might be a lot racist; and Bianca is a true ride or die chick.

Mallory realizes that she has 6 months to find a boo or else she’s headed out to pasture pasture with Tamu. Meanwhile, Tamu cannot understand why Calvin Klein’s Eternity  makes an appearance as a signature fragrance in 2012.

Both ladies lament over the fact that they will never know if Centaurs are well-endowed because NO SEX HAPPENS. While Mallory’s rants are amazing, she shockingly discovers she believes in ‘because tru love’!

A lot transpires in this book and the more they continue to drink wine, the more they try to unravel all of its mysteries. …Sorry and you’re welcome!

UP NEXT: Third Daughter, by Susan Kaye Quinn

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