Episode 17: What if King Joffrey was a Cat-Shifter?

This week, the ladies turn on their heart lights in Michelle M. Pillow’s The Dragon’s Queen. They learn that solarflowers are not safe for alien ostrich/horse/cow/reptile animals to eat, that resisting love is futile because the glowing crystal knows, and that cats are apparently dicks no matter what universe they live in.

Mallory beautifully describes the love scenes in this book, while Tamu takes us further into the madness of King Joffrey’s feline mind.

Both ladies figure out which Disney Princess the protagonist, Mede, is most like (HINT: she is Brave). Meanwhile, Mallory discovers one Ms. Debbie Gibson and Tamu discovers how old she truly is.

UP NEXT: The Horse Mistress by, R.A. Steffan

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