Episode 14: Meanwhile…They are the Worst Time Travelers Ever.

This week the ladies climb the beanstalk of time travel in Tracy Cooper-Posey’s  vampire romance Bannockburn Binding. They learn that you should always get a solid eight hours of sleep before time jumps — or else you die a horrible death. They also learn that 14th century saddle ring oil can be a useful lubricant for other orifices, what a high-risk vampire pregnancy looks like, and that Tally is the worst time traveler ever!

They explore the logistics of being telepathic when you are no longer a vampire and try to figure out how it is possible to bring all of the modern creature comforts of the 23rd century into the home in the 14th century without it causing some timeline issues. Did we also mention that there was no vampire bites or anything typical of a vampire book?

Mallory is enjoying the thrills and bite marks of puppy motherhood, which means she is too tired for rants this week. Instead, she shares what her super power would be — Tamu does not think it is that super.

UP NEXT: Training their Mate, by Vella Day

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