Episode 11: Rinkydink Curdlesnoot

This week, the ladies, take a trip to Safari Island in Lola Kidd’s novella, “Rhino You Love Me.” They learn that in the shifter universe ugly shifters need not apply, shifters are woke AF, and Safari Town is a great place to raise a family.

It is the aftermath of the “Marathon Sessions” and the ladies are, shall we say, “tamer”. They try to unravel the mystery of how a shifter is created/born; can a bat shifter have a rhino shifter baby? They also try to figure out of mermaid exist in shifter worlds.

Astonishingly this is the first “rant-free” podcast the ladies have done. Instead, they used this time to find a Benedict Cumberbatch name generator which took extra time because Mallory does not know celebrities.

UP NEXT: Onyx Dragon by, Terry Bolyryder

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