Chapter 7: Bros! Bros! Bros! Shoving Pleasure Down Your Throat…Bros! Bros! Bros!

Episode Eight: BROS BROS BROS Shoving Pleasure Down Your Throat…BROS BROS BROS!

This week the ladies explore the fantastical world of bros and stripping in the Pacific Northwest. They learn that bros can be surprisingly woke, some families share sex tips (which is unique), some bromances are actually quite loving, and Keane is the worst Millennial ever.

Mallory has an epic rant about dick pics, friend-zones, and chooses her choice – dating style. Tamu flips out about the overuse of nicknames and odd turns of phase that are used in the book, and wonders if she, too, is that annoy-sicles.

There are plenty of sighs from both of them because…Bros! Bros! Bros!

UP NEXT: Imago, by N. R. Walker

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