Chapter 6: He Shot The Messenger Literally In The Face!

Episode Six: He Shot The Messenger Literally In The Face!

This week the ladies explore the gritty underbelly of porn and stripping in Brandon McCalla’s and Anthony Whyte’s, Smut Central. They learn the importance of picking up one’s phone, that therapists can be extremely inappropriate, The Orient is still a thing in 2010, that hypnotherapy can reprogram people, and, that everyone in this book is terrible at their jobs.

Two unimaginable things happened: a book broke Mallory to the point that she continually tried to skip segments to get to the end, then she AND Tamu ranted about the same issue! Mallory also ponders about fly circuses and what they might look like. Tamu celebrates the life of the legend and her reason for her being in Minneapolis, Prince.

There are a lot of unfortunate scenarios in the book and the ladies do their best to unpack them in the best way they know how – with sensitivity, humor, and a sprinkle of rage.

UP NEXT: Ball Peen Hammer, by Lauren Rowe

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