We’ve Launched!

Yes, it’s official! Trashy Book Nook has it’s first official podcast up and running: Episode One: Rage Is All Gooped Up With Blood And Guts And This Chick Gets Naked And Cleans Him Up Knowing He Could Kill Her At Any Moment And Gets Aroused.

Honestly, Tamu and I quickly realized this podcast isn’t for the faint of heart. The first book ended up covering so many different topics of discussion, we had to put a disclaimer before the podcast. We debated for a while whether it was needed, but we ultimately agreed that since the book contained some rather horrifying images that we couldn’t dance around, it was important to put something for those who didn’t want to be surprised by anything we covered.


Like Nanocybotics.

I’d now like to give thanks to those that have helped make our podcast possible!

First off, a huge thank you to our friend, Gretchen, for giving us a quiet and comfortable place (with strawberries!) to record. We appreciate the space immensely, particularly since it is your own home. There will always be wine to share at each recording!

Secondly, the pictures of Tamu and I were done by a close friend, Hilary, who graciously volunteered to set up a photo shoot at the Guthrie Theatre — and then said we should continue to do more in the future. Without her, we wouldn’t have had a wonderful day of laughter, nor pictures for our website. We’re looking forward to a Spring shoot, perhaps at the romantic Witch’s Hat Water Tower location. Thank you!

Thirdly, beyond huge thank you to our friend, Joel Barkley. He is the artist behind our amazing logo. He took our MS Paint creation from two years ago and made it a masterpiece — with several other options and ideas for future use. Your kindness and patience and creativity got us excited to launch. Joel has made several really amazing artistic experiences, too, such as The Firefly Experience and Universe Beyond Time. You should make sure to check out his other work at his website here.

Lastly, we truly want to thank everyone who writes romance novels, particularly if they are diverse, outlandish, absurd, and freaky. This whole idea sprang from my complaints of how difficult it can be to find good fanfiction (fan created stories about characters from television shows, films, video games, books, etc.), and Tamu telling me to look no further than the romance section at the local libraries — and me refusing to read anything that wasn’t incredibly entertaining. Your amazing, creative minds are a blessing. Never stop writing.

Here’s to future romance novels we’re to read, and the laughter to follow!

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